Church Structure

The government of the church is vested in the body of believers, its membership, who is the authority for all decisions, including the responsibility for all designated authorities.

The Church Council is responsible for the management of both the spiritual and temporal affairs of the church, but subject to the authority of the membership. The membership of the Church Council includes all Elders, Deacons, and Committee Heads. Decisions of the Council require the unanimous vote of the Elders and a majority of the Deacons and Committee Heads.

The Elders pay particular attention to the spiritual life of the church, addressing the needs of the church body, and shepherding the church community toward a vital faith. The Elders are expected to use their particular spiritual giftedness toward blessing the church in addressing the needs and the maturing of faith in the church.

Presently the church elders are:
   – Pastor Larry
   – Nanan Coughlin
   – Bob Moffett

The Deacons oversee administrative responsibilities and other practical tasks associated with this community of believers.

Presently the deacons are:
   – Suzanne Caro
   – Marti Karasek

The Committee Heads include the leaders of the following standing committees:

  • Children’s Education Committee: Margaret Dunn, Dale Karasek, Rebekah O’Donnell, Jerrie Moffett, Lois Showalter
  • World Outreach Committee: Chris Coughlin, Kathleen Heitman, Marti Karasek, Pastor Larry
  • Stewardship Committee: Jim O’Donnell, treasurer and counter; Stephanie Sender, financial secretary and counter; Suzanne Caro, account manager; Jessica Showalter, counter; James Marohn, office manager
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